Backpacker Tent

Backpacker tent. If you are the type of person who loves to spend the weekends camping out either in your back garden, or in some faraway scenic spot, the need for a comfortable place to rest is just the same. You need the same protection from the elements as if you are camping on the side of a mountain, or deep in the rain forest, the requirements do not change. If you are a regular camper, or just starting out then do some research into the type of models that are available.

You must make sure when purchasing, that you are totally aware of the most important aspect of camping out, which is to feel, dry, safe, warm, and comfortable in your tent.

If you have travelled a long distance to your favourite spot and all you want to do is set up camp and start relaxing. the thing you do not want to do as any veteran backpacker will tell you is, You do not want to start assembling poles, guy ropes, stakes, and all the other tasks that come with setting up camp. All you want is to bivouac as quickly as possible, so You need a structure that will assemble from start to finish quickly.

You need one that will go up in minutes without all the stakes, ropes and poles to worry about.

For a trouble free set up that will not leave you frustrated and confused or unprotected after dark, the quick assembly tent is a blessing. The most modern and sought after models are the four-person tent which sets up in under two minutes. All you have to do is simply lay the tent out and watch it unfold. Modern tents are very attractive and for high visibility they are highlighted with various colour accents.

Complete weather protection is guaranteed. This is because of the features such as a full rain-fly with a vestibule to put other gear in. They should be Constructed with top quality polyester, no see through mesh, so privacy is guaranteed. The modern type is designed to protect you from the elements and insects while still being breathable. They should have Handy storage pockets inside the tent and a gear storage section above to offer convenient storage and tidy organization. New models have a tent floor which is a bucket design around the sides helping to keep ground moisture out of the tent. So no wet sleeping bags or clothes is guaranteed.

Wherever you are going to travel, you should bring flameless lighter in anticipation of an emergency, besides that lighter is also very necessary under any circumstances. Given its simple but elegant and easy to carry shape, it is a futuristic lighter without gas.

If you are considering purchasing a four man model tent, then here are some sizes to consider. To fit four people very comfortably, then you would need a tent Measuring 95 inches wide by 130 inches long and 55 inches high. This size tent is perfect and very comfortable for up to four campers. I hope this article was helpful to you, if you would read on you will find a lot more technical information about four man tents.