Service-oriented business and its requirements

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The service-based business gives you the freedom to utilize your skills and make a profit. When you want to start a service-based business, you should first enhance your passion like writing or public relations when giving service to others. As you practice and get experience, you can easily tackle and offer best quality services to your customers. It is not an easy thing to start your own company. You have to make sure what you need exactly before starting your own service business. 

Several successful entrepreneurs who are running service business start their company by first evaluating the advantages and challenges and also the best practices for establishing the company in a great level. It is also recommended to learn how to register a company when starting your service business. 

Why you should begin a service-oriented business?

Service-oriented business is less predictable than other businesses. However, there are several benefits to starting a service-oriented business.

Low-cost startup: It takes time, energy and money to develop and sell a physical product. Though you are running an online business, you have to deal with returns, shipping, and packing. When it comes to service-based business, you are the product. You do not have to spend much on starting up or spend on production or overhead expenses. All you need is to enhance your reputation and show your services to the world. 

Flexibility: The best part of the service business is it is adaptable than the product-oriented business. You can work wherever and whenever you need. You can modify and customize services according to the client’s requirements. If the client is not satisfied with a website or campaign, you have to make changes as per their feedback. It is not possible to perform for products as it requires testing, licensing and re-production. 

Fulfillment: When you are providing your own skills and time instead of a physical product, your consumers and clients will be more connected towards you on a personal level. You can profit financially and also improve your talent. It also gives you a fulfilling feeling when you serve others. 

Why you should register your service-oriented business? 

One of the best ways to protect your service-based business is performing trademark registration online. Trademark serves as a protection. It is one of the important legal terms that help in describing intellectual property whereas the others being copyright and patent. The copyrights and patents help in safeguarding the commercial rights of creators and inventors of literary or artistic works. The main concept behind a service mark or trademark is to avoid unfair competition. 

What are the benefits of trademark registration online for your service-oriented business?

It is not mandatory to register your trademark. But when you register for protection, you can obtain excellent protection than the common law or unregistered marks. USPTO or the United States Patent and Trademark Office has briefed the benefits of the protection. It includes:

  • The utilization of the United States registration to get trademark registration in abroad countries
  • The skill to bring an action relating to the mark
  • A legal assumption of the ownership of the trademark of the registrant and the exclusive rights to utilize the mark in association with services or goods or nationwide mentioned in the registration. 
  • Notice to the public regarding the ownership of the trademark

How long does it take to get approval for trademark registration?

It would take several months for a trademark to get approved. When it gets approved, you can use the registration for about ten years. By the end of ten years, you have to file a restoration application so as to protect the trademark. 

What should I do if the trademark is rejected?

You may ask the reason for the denial. However, your fee will not be returned. 

Do I need to get in touch with an attorney for registering the trademark?

It is well known that the process involved in trademark applications are complex. Most people will not wish to spend a lump sum of money for the application procedure. It is not mandatory to approach an attorney but when you approach you would not miss anything important. If you have any doubts or questions, you can clarify with your attorney. It is a simple way to get your trademark accepted.