All water heaters must be installed by a licensed contractor and inspected by the city having jurisdiction. But why? Its fairly easy to buy an inexpensive tank type heater from one of the big box stores and have your self or your handyman friend or hook it up. Right? Why spend the extra money to have a licensed contractor install it?

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Well there are many reasons why you must have your emergency plumber brisbane installed by a professional. Only a licensed contractor knows and must follow the code. The way it was installed 10-15 years ago will not be how it should be installed today. There can be many “code violations” which need to be identified and fixed when installing the water heater and before a final inspection is done. These are necessary to ensure the unit will operate in a safe manner. There was close to half a million residential house fires in 2006 and a portion of those fires were caused by gas fired appliances like water heaters being installed incorrectly. There are also many deaths and sickness reported from carbon monoxide inhalation from gas burning appliances.

If your heater isn’t vented properly or the room is not provided with sufficient air ventilation it can result in an environment with high levels of carbon monoxide. Colorless and odorless carbon monoxide cannot be detected by humans. It can make you very sick and even lead to death if you are exposed to it for long enough. Something else to consider is the fact that if your incorrectly installed, un-inspected water heater causes fire damage to your home the insurance company has grounds to dismiss your claim because of negligence on your part. These dangers are very real and that is why these codes are created and enforced. Don t take the risk, have your water heater installed by a licensed professional

Why Do I Need a Licensed Contractor to Install My Water Heater?